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Media and Internet

Website Design and Customized Page Development

Let us help you or your organization with your website design and development. Promote your organization and distinguish it from your competition by taking control of your website. We are confident that we can adjust to your budget and provide you an outstanding site.Track and analyze your investment. We have created hundreds of sites that go beyond our clients expectations. Incorporate all the new technologies available to increase your exposure. Our simple content management tools will allow your organization to update and manage your site without going broke.

  • Website creation beyond the basics.
  • Increase your visibility and profits.
  • Ecommerce, Workflow, Blogs, Forums, etc.
  • Set your own budget.
  • Advanced Search methods.
  • Web Forms and Apps Development
  • Sale your products and/or services 24/7/365 across the web and throughout the entire nation.
  • Social Media ready allow for reaching new audiences.
  • Customer Relationship Management.
  • Customer support to help you grow.
  • Client Dashboard.
  • Turn-key Solution.
  • Free assessment and/or brainstorming.
  • And much more…


We are experienced in a variety of programming environments: C#, Visual Basic.net, PowerBuilder, Access, Paradox, FoxPro, C++, Active Server Pages, ColdFusion, Perl, and others. We develop for a variety of environments, including all .net frameworks and other environments. IDT offers customized programming as well as databases integration, barcode systems, telecommunications, and graphics, as well as specialized technical programs using a variety of programming languages. Implementing customized programs is an important means of increasing business productivity. We can program in a variety of languages according to the specific needs of your project. We have experts in barcode implementation and high speed barcode printers. We can customize programs to allow barcode input using metrology wands, as well as hand held scanners for high traffic data input.

Web Design

IDT can accommodate creating websites for virtually every industry. We customize every website for our clients business needs and objectives. A typical web site includes one “Custom Banner” which is the special graphic design with photo/images and your company‚Äôs logo. The “splash page.” This is typically an introductory or opening page (optional). “Primary Pages.” This is the front cover page(s) of your business website. “Secondary Pages.” These pages included detailed description of your products or services appear in these pages. The “Response Form” is used to generate sales activities for your business. And the “Standard Pages” which include information about the business such as “About Us” and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) are included here.