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General Consulting

General Consulting

Our team is ready to help you obtain the success that you deserve. We have more than 20 years of experience helping organizations succeed. No task is too small or too large to handle. Take advantage of our expertise in many areas. We have staff that can assist you with your business planning, so that you can take it to the next level. We are entrepreneurs and understand your needs.


  • Web Design, SEO Optimization
  • IT Training/National Training via Partner Consortium
  • Business Plans
  • Accounting Services and consulting
  • Event Registration and Management
  • Vendor Selection
  • Cloud Services
  • IT consulting and Network Management
  • Programming
  • Prototyping
  • Portals and LMS Services
  • Technical Support and Manage Services
  • And much more…


IDT offers an extensive line of cabling solutions and design structures, each one perfectly tailored to fit the individual client’s needs. Our certified Project Managers, design and install cabling infrastructure professionally and efficiently that provides the highest performance possible for each system. The cabling and design structure of a systems network is often its least addressed component, even though it’s probably the most critical aspect of the network. In fact, the design structure will directly affect how efficiently work can be completed on the system in the future. Some IDT clients that have realized this and benefited from our cabling expertise are: The American Red Cross, the Los Angeles Police Protective League and Charles Mason & Associates to mention a few. Here is a brief outline of what IDT’s cabling experts can offer your company.

Cisco Solutions

Software and Hardware Sales We are authorized resellers and Business Partners for a range of computer software products, allowing us to provide the right solutions for most businesses. Our technical sales consultants can analyze your business needs and recommend the best software and hardware solution for your business. We can recommend your software solutions in accounting, database management, networking, security, home office and small business management, graphics, CAD, and moreā€¦

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